The new-generation Safran IMOCA class ocean racer

The new Safran IMOCA Open 60 class monohull (60 ft, 18.28 m), like the original boat, is the work of naval architects Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, from the firm VPLP, and Guillaume Verdier, coupled with Safran's expertise and the know-how of the Safran Sailing Team. Morgan Lagravière’s boat was christened at Lorient, Brittany, on March 7, two days after it left the CDK shipyard.

In 2013, the Safran Sailing Team and architects Guillaume Verdier and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost began to conceive an innovative new boat with maximum performance, in line with the new IMOCA class rules.

With this new ocean racer, Safran intends to set the pace against the six other new-generation boats that will be competing in the 2016–17 Vendée Globe race. The new IMOCA class prototype is designed from the ground up to be compact, maneuverable and as light as possible, so it can ride the waves. In other words, perfect for a solo race.

Far more powerful than its predecessor, the new boat features a wider hull and larger bow, which lightens the forward section and keeps the hull balanced, even when the boat heels.Another feature is the foils (or lifting surfaces), which increase power. They mark a significant development on this new-generation IMOCA Open 60 class vessel.

Safran passes rollover test

Two months after it was launched in early February, Morgan Lagravière's new IMOCA Open 60 successfully passed its 180° rollover test, required by the IMOCA 60 class rules. The test was performed in Lorient harbor. The rollover test is an important phase in the life of an IMOCA 60 monohull, because it is the last step before the boat is put out to sea.

According to the IMOCA 60 class rules, every new boat must carry out a 180° rollover test. It is a spectacular operation, turning the hull with the keel in the air, using a crane to simulate capsizing and dismasting. This simulation is intended to test the skipper's ability to right his boat without outside assistance, by activating the canting keel.
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