Safran at the Grand Prix Guyader 2017

The Grand Prix Guyader 2017 in Douarnenez is the first opportunity for Morgan Lagravière and his team to demonstrate the work done on Safran this winter. For their four days of racing in Douarnenez Bay, Lagravière has chosen to surround himself with his technical team.

As they get ready to race, the Kaïros team is attending to the thousand and one details that make Safran such a superb competition machine. Morgan Lagravière took the monohull out this morning and headed for Douarnenez to get ready for the start of the IMOCA races at the Grand Prix Guyader tomorrow (Thursday, May 4). It is a particularly testing event since the IMOCA face off over alternating coastal courses and speed runs.


Side by side

For the teams, it is the opportunity to race in front of a large live audience, who take advantage of a real arena that allows them to see the action up close, a few hundred metres from the pontoons. During the speed runs, all the different fleets in the Grand Prix Guyader compete together. So, it is not uncommon to find a monohull, a trimaran and a kite-surfer side by side.


Quid pro quo

For Lagravière, this edition of the Guyader Grand Prix is ​​also the opportunity for a quid pro quo, to give thanks to his technical team: "We're going to organise ourselves so that every member of the team can have a turn sailing the boat," he said. "They worked so hard to prepare the boat for the Vendée Globe and then to get it back in perfect order, that I owe them. It is fundamental to value the human element in this type of project." To help him, Lagravière will be able to count on Roland Jourdain and Pierre Le Boucher, a regular on the Figaro circuit, who will be, in turn, responsible for tactics and navigation.