Back on dry land

A great adventure…
Marc Guillemot: «When the boat was handicapped by the breakage in the keel actuator, I knew I had lost 30% of my speed potential and I only had one thing on my mind: favouring safety and finishing the race at all cost. At the time, it was very frustrating to be punished, as I was doing so well, as, even if qualifying for the Vendée Globe was the most important thing, you quickly get caught up in the excitement of a race. I dropped back a bit from the others, but I did manage to keep up to within a few miles of Generali. The key was to set everything on board as best I could to avoid any serious consequences for the keel. In any case, I once again enjoyed myself sailing on board Safran, who has proved herself to be a real racing machine. We had some tough conditions, but crossing the Atlantic is always a great adventure. I'm really lucky to be able to do this job, as it is after all my passion ».

Final rankings:
1 Loïck Peyron (Gitana Eighty) in 14d 09h 13' 25''
2 Kito de Pavant (Groupe Bel) in 14d 12h 22' 49'', at 3h09'24'' of the 1st
3 Michel Desjoyeaux (Foncia) in 14d 13h 43' 24", at 4h29'59'' of the 1st
4 Yann Eliès (Generali) in 14d 19h 22' 02'', at 10 h07'37'' of the 1st
5 Marc Guillemot (Safran) in 15d 08h 25' 44'', at 23 h12''19'' of the 1st

Finishing last night in fifth place after 15 days of sailing, Marc Guillemot has obtained his qualification for the Vendée Globe, which was the goal of this Transat Ecover B to B. Here are the first comments from Marc, who is now back on dry land.