Safran technologies on the Safran Open 60 class ocean racer

Safran is actively involved in the construction of the new-generation Safran IMOCA monohull racing yacht.

  • Nearly 200 Safran employees contributed to the construction of the Safran IMOCA class ocean racer. Their expertise helped ensure that the boat offers the highest performance and reliability of its generation. Most Group companies were involved in this project, contributing their know-how in a shared and enriching experience.  
  • The entire boat was modelled by the naval architects. Safran Engineering Services refined and tested the models, then carried out structural analysis of the hull with the architects.
  • In Itteville, south of Paris, Safran Composites worked on the rudders of the new boat, designed and made of woven 3D carbon fiber, using the Group's patented RTM (resin transfer molding) injection process. The goal was to obtain a rigid, lightweight and flawless composite part.
  • Other Group entities also contributed their expertise: Safran Structil supplied the carbon material for the hull and mast, Safran Electronics & Defense worked on the electrics and electronics, Safran Aircraft Engines made the titanium joints for the foils, and Safran Electrical & Power the aluminum wiring.



Safran technologies on the Safran monohull

IMOCA: Safran's companies technological contributions


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